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Honda shock joint rubber set are brand new never used. Sold as a set of 2... Still in package. Genuine Honda OEM. Proper for the following models.


Honda CB1100F    1983

Honda CB1000C   1983

Honda CBX1000   1979-1980

Honda CB900C     1980-82

Honda CB900F      1981-82

Honda CB750K      1969-1982

Honda CB750A      All years

Honda CB750F      1975-1982

Honda CB750L      1979

Honda CB750C      1981-82

Honda CB500         1971-73

Honda CB450         K0-K7

Honda CL450         K0-K5

Honda CB400T      1978

Honda CB400A     1978

Honda CB360 CB360G CB360T   All years

Honda CL360   All years
Honda CB400F     1975-77

Honda CB350F     All years

Honda CB350 CB350G     K0-K5

Honda CL350   K0-K5







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